Since 2014 visual artist and biologist Merijn Tinga has committed himself to raising awareness on the ‘marine litter problem’. What started with a single project ‘the plastic soup surfer’ has grown to a small team of volunteers with one goal: to stop litter entering our seas through presentations, education and consultancy.

Summer 2014: The Plastic Soup Surfer -A distance-record kite adventure on a board made from washed ashore plastic waste.

Our Mission


Autumn 2014: the Cap Man a statue made from bottle caps found on the beach. A sculptural statement and petition presented to the ‘tweede kamer’ to prevent the abolition of the Dutch PET bottle deposit system. Fall of 2014



Summer 2015: Plastic HuntersA 5 month ‘plastic hunt’ while sailing from the Norwegian North Sea up to the Finnish Gulf and the Baltic sea. Microplastic research was done for the NIOZ and educational videos were made for primary schools.



Summer 2016: Message on a Bottle a record attempt crossing of the North Sea from Scheveningen to Lowestoft on a foil board the shape of a PET bottle.

Message on a bottle

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